NYPD Text RPG, is a fictional game where you take the role of a NYPD Officer.
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Patrol in the Patrol Center no call outs until we get more members so recruit!! Tell everyone on forums you may use, friends, other websites whatever... Spread the word! Thanks!


 Vehicles for use

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PostSubject: Vehicles for use   Vehicles for use EmptyMon Sep 26, 2011 9:19 pm

Patrol Officers and supervisors of all kinds use these. I assign you a vehicle though.

Vehicles for use 4594033253_01cbcb925a

Alpha 200-299
Vehicles for use Alg-polce-cars-jpg

Alpha 300-399
Vehicles for use 9642589159_c67a81eb8e

Alpha 400-499
Vehicles for use 3793491276_6a6075ed5d

Alpha 500-599
Vehicles for use Tumblr_m7zbmgP7x51rqvefao1_500

Alpha 600-699
Vehicles for use 1409769774_0c838bf065


Kilo 100-999
Vehicles for use 2689556093_2b7f8fb8bc

ESU Patrol:

Echo 700-799
Vehicles for use 2574476917_c7a569a0d2

Echo 800-899
Vehicles for use 5385409663_c493ae0dee

ESU Armorer Vehicles:

Echo 100-199
Vehicles for use 1539503812_c4af8ceb4a

Echo 200-299
Vehicles for use 8448692826_01ab255b5c_z

Crisis Negotiation:

Charlie 455
Vehicles for use 2490416915_97bbb65c2e
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Vehicles for use
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