NYPD Text RPG, is a fictional game where you take the role of a NYPD Officer.
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Patrol in the Patrol Center no call outs until we get more members so recruit!! Tell everyone on forums you may use, friends, other websites whatever... Spread the word! Thanks!


 Patrol Information

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Patrol Information:

When responding to a crime always be on high alert and always have another unit respond with you. If you need backup and can't talk over your radio hit the panic button on your radio it should be like this: *I hit my panic button and await backup*

Not every call has to be big if we get a 911 hangup it could be a fight or worse or it may be a kid was messing with the phone.
We do not have radio codes however we use response codes:

Code 1: Respond but not urgent or life threatening
Code 2: Urgent but not as serious
Code 3: respond immediately life threatening
Code 4 (not a response code but is the only radio code we will use): No further backup needed, scene all set.
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Patrol Information
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